On October 22nd co-creator of LATE, Lalia Susini was in a freak accident and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury of which ended in left side paralysis.  Told she might not walk again, Lalia with the help of her friends, family and community fought her way back.

Lalia spent nearly 3 weeks in PICU at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, before being medically transferred to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where for the next two years she would participate in physical and occupational therapy. Lalia is a walking miracle.  

Lalia and her childhood best friend, Cate created LATE shortly after Lalia was released from inpatient care at Children's Hospital Los Angeles in 2021. Beginning in 2022, Lalia and her brother, Maxou Susini joined forces to design and continue the efforts of LATE Clothing. The siblings have been lucky enough to see directly where their contributions have benefited the rehabilitation department of CHLA. A portion of proceeds have, and always will be donated back to the very hospital that brought this actress and athlete from paralyzed to walking.  LATE Clothing is a symbol of hope, second chances and inclusivity.

Give Back

When Lalia arrived at CHLA, she did not have any feeling or movement on her left side and not much hope due to the severity of her accident. The doctors and nurses did not let her give up. They still had hope that she would walk one day.

Lalia spent 44 days in the inpatient rehab department of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and continued an additional two years in the outpatient rehab department.

Not only is Lalia walking, but she is now playing basketball with just one fully functioning hand!

The first responders who tended to Lalia’s initial care had a significant part in LATE. Without the first responders saving Lalia's life, LATE would not exist.

LATE's first collection was titled "Responders" in dedication to the people who helped save Laila's life. Ongoing, the collections are called "Heroes" in order to praise all the first responders who save lives on a daily basis.

More children receive care from CHLA than any other hospital in the region-and often, CHLA comes to the rescue for children when others hospitals run out of medical options for their care.



It’s never too LATE .

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